Party Through The Ages: December 2012 Call for Submissions

Clink! There’s nothing more delightful than the sound of toasting champagne glasses other than, of course, the champagne itself! So, shine those dancing shoes and stock up on post-hangover detox vitamins, it’s almost December! The month where celebration reigns supreme, Papercut is paying homage to marathon parties and (obligatory) after-parties with an issue solely dedicated to fete-filled editorial. After all fashion is fun, eh?

"Hells Angel" Photographed by Zoe Economides

"Milk and Honey" Photographed by Yulia Zhdan

"Witch and the Whirlwind" Photographed by Gabrielle Martin

"Above the Line" Photographed by Diana Diederich

"Telling You The Truth" Photographed by Dag Knudsen

"CandyFad" Photographed by Kayoua Xiong

"Charli" Photographed by Meg Hutchison

Dreaming of A Whole New World, Midnight City Style

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Since first being entranced by M83’s track, Midnight City, their dreamy and ethereal sound has made them stand apart amongst music groups in the indie/electronic circuit, especially when they were just featured in the Counterpoint Music Festival’s lineup last month. Steve Mcqueen, a track off their Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming album goes along with the dreaming undertone that M83 has entwined in their music, and now imagery in the video. It was directed by Balthazar Auxietre & Sylvain Derosne, and combines childlike imagination, nostalgia, and wonderment all in one.

Mandarin & General

Taiwanese-born Peggy Tan is the designer behind Mandarin & General, a contemporary brand that blends traditional Chinese craftsmanship with modern tailoring.
Tan developed an interest in fine art and culture heritage at an early age, surrounded by her father’s work as a painter and Chinese antique dealer. She attended Parsons School of Design as a student in the Interior Department and later formed a successful design studio. This initial path left her feeling unfulfilled, and here Mandarin & General was born.

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